While it is important to hire a professional to service your pool, there are steps you can take between swimming pool maintenance appointments to help keep your pool in pristine condition. Below, we have outlined 3 important steps to maintain your pool and prevent potentially costly repairs.

Skim the Water

Skimming the top of the water is one of the most basic and simple pool maintenance steps. Depending on the location of your pool and how often you cover it, you may need to perform this step daily.

To skim the pool, you will need a pool net. Holding your net steadily, run it over the top of the water’s surface, going below the surface a few inches when needed. Scoop and dispose of any pool debris like leaves, trash, pollen, and insects. Skimming the pool and removing any debris from the surface of the water will help keep your filters clear.

Brush Your Pool Walls as Part of Regular Swimming Pool Maintenance

Many people neglect to brush pool walls which can often cause algae buildup. While you may not see any debris on the top of the water, buildup along the walls can negatively impact your overall water chemistry and contribute to a variety of maintenance-related issues, including:

  • Clogged filters
  • Pump failure
  • Erosion of pool walls

Though brushing the pool walls may seem tedious, this is another relatively simple task. Most basic pool tool kits come with a pool brush. This brush can even be used when you are in the pool. Simply take the brush and run it along the sides of the walls. The brush will dislodge any debris and break up any potential algae buildup.

Test Your Water Chemistry Regularly

Your water chemistry needs to be tested regularly to maintain proper balance. Use the water testing tool that comes in most pool maintenance kits to test your water at least once a week. This tool determines what should be added to balance the chemistry of the pool water. Test the chemical levels and pH and contact a pool professional if you have abnormal readings or serious concerns.

Simply follow these basic steps for swimming pool maintenance to keep your pool in good condition between professional cleanings.

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