Just Say Yes to the Best Inspection

Yes Home Inspection LLC™ is the best and always goes the extra mile, but during this time we are being extra diligent using safety measures. We want you to know that Yes Home Inspections LLC™ has policies which promote a safety-first mentality in regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). At Yes Home Inspections LLC™ we are making every effort to help prevent the spread of the virus and we understand that our employees and company policies can play an important part.

One Thing on Which We Can All Agree

No one wants to deal with the potential fallout that comes as a consequence of a poor investment, and that sentiment couldn’t ring more true than when buying a home. At Yes Home Inspections LLC, we strive to give peace of mind to homebuyers by providing a professional home inspection that’s truly worth their time. Everyone wants to own and live in a good home, and there are plenty out there that are eye catching—but appearances rarely tell the full story.

Yes Home Inspections LLC goes into each inspection as if we were the ones preparing to buy the home, ensuring that our clients know what to expect and how to best approach the negotiating process.

“This is a great company. Customer service is also great. Al was very knowledgeable. I made an appointment and Al showed up on time. I have an old home and Al took the time to go through the work. Very easy to work with. Very respectful of my property while doing the work. I strongly recommend Al – True professional. Accommodating around my schedule.”

Tony S.

Yes, You Get a Digital Report in 24 Hours

Once we’ve completed the home inspection, you can expect to receive an email containing a full digital report of our findings within the next 24 hours. Our detailed analysis of the home’s inspected areas will inform and protect you ahead of a potential purchase, cluing you in on any defective components or areas of unsafe construction. Pictures and videos are attached to specific items that are more readily understood with the help of a visual reference. We also include access to the cutting-edge Create Request List™ (CRL™) feature by HomeGauge.

The CRL™ Is the Homebuyer’s Digital Checklist


By simply following the application’s instructions, prospective homebuyers can transform their inspection findings into a convenient, itemized list of project and repair requests


Users can request repair, replacement, or reimbursement for any defective item listed in their report


The CRL™ can be accessed from most devices with an internet connection, making it possible for homebuyers to work remotely with their real estate agent to pin down the most viable options and finalize a request list


Our professional home inspection services are offered to homebuyers and sellers in Macomb, East Oakland, South Saint Clair, and Southeast Lapeer counties.

Yes Home Inspections LLC offers a broad variety of professional home inspection services to meet the needs of our customers—because we want your family to have the wonderful home you deserve and that you’ve always wanted.

Appointments are available 7 days a week, including evenings

There is no surcharge for weekend appointments

 A discount is available for clients who purchase 3 or more inspection or testing services


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