How Much Do You Know About Your Home?

Hire a home inspection company in Chesterfield, Rochester Hills, Independence Township & Novi, MI to provide a detailed inspection. Serving all surrounding areas.

If you're selling your home, potential buyers want to know that it has no major issues. If you're buying a home, you want to know there won't be any problems. Yes Home Inspections LLC offers expert home inspection services to buyers and sellers alike. We also offer a range of inspection services for homeowners who want to keep their homes mold-, radon- and lead-free.

With the help of a certified home inspector, you can uncover even the most hidden problems and know the proper steps to solve them. Email us today to schedule a service anywhere in the Chesterfield, Rochester Hills, Independence Township & Novi, MI area.

Learn about our services

Trust a home inspection company that can handle every inspection need. You can rely on us to handle:

A certified home inspector will know what to look for and make recommendations on how to solve any found issue. Connect with us today to get the inspections you need.

Our FULL list of services that Yes Home Inspections LLC offers Includes:

  • Pre-purchase home inspection (Buyers)
  • Pre listing home inspection (Sellers)
  • Pre-warranty expiration Home inspection
  • New construction phase 1 home inspection and 2 home inspection
  • New construction final phase home inspection
  • Maintenance home inspection
  • FHA Drinking water test (10% off with home inspection)
  • Radon air short term test (10% off with home inspection)
  • Mold surface test (10% off with home inspection)
  • Lead solid test (10% off with home inspection)
  • Asbestos solid test

Yes Home Inspections LLC performs inspections on:

  • Single home dwellings
  • Duplexes
  • Three and four apartment unit building
  • Detached condos
  • Semi detached condos
  • Attach condos
  • Mobile homes

Get a thorough home inspection

As your home inspection company, we strive to provide the best inspection services available. We'll search through the walls, floors, crawl space, attics and more. When we're done, you'll be confident that your home was properly inspected.

Set a date for home inspection services by calling us today.